Monday, March 31, 2014

Crave Cupcakes- Houston TX

Crave Cupcakes

1151 Uptown Park BLVD.,
Houston, TX 77056
Mon-Fri: 8-8
Sat: 9-8
Sun: 10-7

After gorging myself on American food and margaritas with Brunch and Conversation, I suggested that we shimmied on over to the cupcake place down the street. She obliged and we soon found ourselves the very sleek establishment that is Crave Cupcakes. This cute little bakery is embellished with a modern d├ęcor of stainless steel, glass and pops of an almost Tiffany’s blue. I absolutely adored the fact that the bakers could be seen through a glass wall creating the sweet treats.

What I ate:
After looking over the menu, I decided to try the Crave Mint Chocolate Cupcake. The cashier boxed my selection up in a trendy box and I excitedly walked back to my car in order to nom the whole thing down like an animal in solace. Now, I wouldn’t say that the cupcake was bad, but I was not impressed. The top of the cupcake was moderately moist while the bottom of it was a bit dry. Though the frosting was a dose of minty-chocolaty goodness, the cake itself did not live up to the expectations I set for it based upon the ambiance and friendly service of the bakery. To be blunt, I felt as though I could’ve made a better cupcake myself from a box of Betty Crocker. 

In short: I ate it, I didn’t hate it, but I could’ve made it and I don’t crave it. I will, however, go back just to make sure that my one so-so cupcake was not a fluke. 

Guest Blogger:

Erin Barlow is a teacher and self proclaimed cookie monster.
When's she's not busy teaching, you can find her searching high and low, for the next best pastry.

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