Monday, April 21, 2014

Suzybeez Cakez N Treatz- Houston,TX


FM1960 RD West at Wortham Blvd.

Sun and Mon: Closed
Tues – Sat: 9-6

Suzybeez is located a block away from 290 on 1960 and is pretty easy to find. The bakery is located in a shopping center along with a nail salon and pub, so they have a parking lot. Once I made my way into the establishment I expected to be hit with the typical euphoric bakery-smell that consists of sugar and shameful indulgence, but I was welcomed by a different smell: nothing that I could pinpoint…just different. The place was a little dirty and the display of baked goods didn’t look as dreamy as I’d hoped, but I ordered a slice of German chocolate cake from the friendly clerk anyway since…well…I wanted cake.

What I ate:
When I ordered my slice of German Chocolate cake, the lack of bakery smells made complete sense because the woman behind the counter reached into the fridge behind her and whipped out my order instead of graciously cooing the treat from the display case as most bakeries usually do. I raised an eyebrow, but like I said: I wanted cake. I paid the lady and made a mad dash for the car seeing as one of the male patrons inside the bakery was creeping me out a bit. Plus, I just wanted to hover over my food like a wild animal and inhale it without having to adhere to table manners (hence the cake shot with my car seat as the background…judge me).  

The slice looked as though it had been carelessly tossed into its plastic container, but as I looked into its dark frosting, I could not help but to see its potential. I took a bite and was very pleasantly surprised: the cake was very moist and the frosting was ubber rich. I delightedly finished my slice, but I couldn’t help but to think about how absolutely breathtaking the cake would’ve been had it been served fresh.

Or about the smell. (Dun dun duuunnn)

Guest Blogger:

Erin Barlow is a teacher and self proclaimed cookie monster.
When's she's not busy teaching, you can find her searching high and low, for the next best pastry.

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