Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome Summer with a Scoop of Hank' s Ice Cream


9291 Main St, 
Houston, TX 77025

Tues – Sat: 12 – 8
Sun: 3 – 8

It’s finally summer y’all! That’s right: put away your flat irons and heavy make-up pallets because they’re a complete waste of time in this weather.

The sweltering summer heat that came the day after summer solstice led me straight to Hanks Ice cream on Main Street panting for any and every frozen treat. Hank’s has been around for almost 30 years now and the business prides itself on its homemade ice cream. When I walked into the ice cream shop, I was quickly greeted by two charming southern women who informed me that they still use the very same equipment to make ice cream as they did when the shop first opened. I ordered my treat, looked over the walls that were filled with old family photos and attempted to pay with a debit card before they told me that they only take cash or checks…so come with your stacks on deck.  

What I ate:
I ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream on a waffle cone that darn near melted before I got to the car. I had to save my fabric upholstery from a new stain by inhaling the majority of the ice cream in one hasty bite. Despite the brain freeze that came tumbling after, I was very pleased with my selection. Per standard delicious ice creams, the treat was quite smooth and full. You could almost taste the home-madeness, if that even makes sense. If you are ever in the area, I strongly suggest that you stop by Hank’s Ice Cream!


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