Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quick and Simple: Banana-Berry Smoothie Popsicle

Days when I have the house to myself usually consist of a lot of dancing or experiments in the kitchen, sometimes they happen at the same time. Well, I got off early from work Friday and instead of going to the zoo solo dolo, I decided to go home and relax(yes, long week). 

I made a quick smoothie for myself and decided to freeze the rest in a small container with a plastic spoon (gotta get creative with what you've got!) a few hours later, the little baby was ready. So good! 

1 Banana
1 cup Blue Bell Strawberry Ice Cream 
1 cup Ice 

1. Cup up all fruits into smaller portions 
2. Add to blender 
3. Add ice cream
4. Blend ingredients 
5. Add ice
6. Pour into a cup or
7. Pour into Popsicle molds 
8. Let freeze for a couple of hours
9. Enjoy!

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