Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Paleo Feast at Ruggles Black

Ruggles Black opened their doors to a group of local influencers on March 31, 2015. The group consisted of local food, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. They invited a select group of us out for a taste of spring. And, oh boy did spring taste good.

The evening began with a little mingling, in which guests, some familiar and some not, shared knowledge and excitement about this tasting and Houston's booming food scene. A smooth and light class of The Calling Chardonnay  was poured to start as the bloggers went around the restaurant taking pictures and meeting and interviewing Chef Bruce Molzan. As mentioned before, Molzan was former Chef at Ruggles Green and Corner Table before his venture out into Ruggles Black. The restaurant is aesthetically pleasing and hip; it was crafted by Molzan and partner Neera Patidar.

To follow, all guest received a refreshing glass of “The Long Drive Cocktail”; a refreshing cocktail that tastes as refreshing as an icy glass of green tea.  In other words, you couldn't tell there was any liquor in this drink, which to me equals to a perfectly crafted drink. What followed? Chef Bruce Molzan “The King of Paleo” presented his delicious Paleo treats, made with local ingredients from farmers. The food was paired with select Hoopla wines from Nappa Valley. We all received a surprise visit from the son of Michele Satta, a famous winemaker in Bolgheri, a tiny town near Tuscany, Italy. I had the chance of chatting with Giacomo as I shared my thoughts on the Satta “Piastraia” and Satta “Castagni.” My descriptions of the tastes were exactly what both wines were intended to taste(who knew little old me knew how to taste wine). Back to the food, why don’t I just let you see for yourself?

  • The Long Drive Cocktail; Deep Eddy Sweet Tea and Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka served on Basil Crushed Ice. So refreshing, can't taste the liquor.

  • Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts from Gundermann Acres. My absolute favorite, so fresh and extremely tasty!


  • The Angry Shrimp, coconut curry. Not a fan of "fishy" tastes but the sauce was delicious

Fried Oysters with Caviar. My second favorite dish, the creamy sauce with the Caviar went perfectly with the oysters

Mahi Mahi Paleo Tacos. My other favorite; so light and flavorful!

Roasted local Beets and Pork Belly Salad (beets were from Gundermann Acres and pork was from Black Hills Ranch). I love love beets! I've never had pork in a salad but they went well together.

Paleo Fried Rice with Sweet Potato and Coconut Encrusted Snapper

Pistachio Snapper

With Chef Bruce Molzan
With Giacomo Satta, son of Michele Satta


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