Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Tuna Salad Mummy with Wasa Flatbread

Halloween is literally right around the corner. Some had it all planned out since the beginning of the month, from the decor, costumes, to festivities, food and drinks. If that person is you, kudos to you! But for those of you who are just now trying to figure out a last minute contribution to that Halloween party, I've got the easiest( well kinda) appetizer you'll find.

I recently received my monthly Degustabox, if you haven't heard it is a monthly surprise food product delivery box that recently launch in the U.S this summer. The boxes come with some interesting products which you'd never think to try on your visit to your favorite grocery store, so it basically introduces me to great products I normally pay no mind to while shopping. A lot of products that are Non GMO verified, Kosher, Gluten-Free, etc. (You can use my promo code: NEIAC to get 50% off your Degustabox.) 
Well anyway, one of the items in the box were these Wasa Sesame & Sea Salt Thins, which are basically like crackers but a little tougher. They're oven baked, and once crunched into instantly give you a sesame seed taste with a bit of sea salt. The brand offers 7 grams of whole-grains and 80 calories per serving making them an easy, healthy snack option. We'll I thought the sesame seed taste was a little much for my liking, so having the tuna actually brought a balance to these crackers.
But, since we're not talking about loosing weight here for Halloween; on top of my tuna mummy, I sprinkled shredded Parmesan cheese to give this mummy "bandage" look. Then I completed the look by adding 2 drops of hot sauce in for the eyes. Once you're done, you can serve with the Wasa Thins! Happy Halloween.

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