Monday, September 4, 2017

Houston Bars Supporting Hurricane Harvey Relief

You know, we are almost a week post Harvey(in Houston) and who would have thought that Texas would be the state to unite the country. I've read stories and heard of different people who've driven many miles just to come land a helping hand in Texas. It is amazing to see how much good there is left in our world, sometimes our TVs show so much of the bad that we forget what greatness we are capable of. Many people from all walks of life have united on a mission to save "our neighbor."

It's definitely been one crazy couple of days that grabbed headlines across the country and even got international coverage. Many people have lost a lot, that's one thing that not many can see; in fact I can't really see it either. But what I do know if Houston, and I know there are many communities who have lost a lot and any help would be appreciated.

With tomorrow, well today as I write this, being Labor Day I wanted to encourage you to go out and have fun while supporting the community. The  industry has decided to revive a drink that I had never heard of called the " Harvey Wallbanger" through a series of fundraising events to support the recovery efforts. This cocktail is said to have been created in the early 1950s, this cocktail consists of Vodka, Galliano liqueur and orange juice(Don't ask me what that tastes like, but it is said that the Galliano makes the drink). Let's stop here for a sec, doesn't the name of the drink remind you of something? UGH...Go away Harvey!

Anyway, Houston area bartenders have come together on a "Harvey Wallbanger Month" to create their own version of this cocktail with 100% of the proceeds going to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the Gialliano brand is said to also donate to relief effort. If there is a local bar not listed below, please let me know.

Drink responsibly & don't forget curfew(lol).

Anvil Bar & Refuge

Better Luck Tomorrow

The Pastry War

Tongue Cut Sparrow

Lei Low

Nightingale Room

Weights & Measures

Revelry on Richmond

Rosewater Clearlake

Eight Row Flint

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