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Small Cakes


12149 FM 1960 West, Suite E (F.M. 1960 between Eldridge and Fallbrook)
Houston, Texas 77065


Mon – Sat: 10-8

Sun – Sat: 12-5


After several weeks of passing Small Cakes on my way to and from work, I decided to stop on by for my regular sugar fix. I walked into the joint and was nudged towards the counter by the loving, typical bakery smell that entices me so much. then heard a sigh from one of the employees. When I looked at her to see what was the matter, she let me know in a rather annoyed tone that they weren’t open. Seeing as though I had just walked five miles, I did not have enough energy to throw some ‘tude back in her direction. I simply replied with “Well …then why is the door unlocked?” I felt a bit put-out (literally) and went back to my car where I watched the clerk lock the door until the store officially opened 10 minutes later.

What I ate:

I wasn’t too excited about the employee’s unpleasant attitude, but I went back anyway. I didn’t want to stay too long for fear that the place was still, in fact, closed and that I’d be thrown out again like Uncle Phil did Jazz on The Fresh Prince of Bellaire (I’m exaggerating), so I ignored the lengthy cupcake menu posted near the register and ordered the first thing that caught my eye: a Hot Fudge Sundae cupcakeThe chocolate cake was topped with whipped frosting, nuts, chocolate drizzle, a cherry and taunted me all the way until the clerk boxed that baby up and sent me on my way with an apologetic smile.  

I took my first bite and was sold. The hot fudge sundae cupcake was definitely one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. It was sweet and moist and everything my sweet tooth could ever ask for. I’ll definitely be stopping by there again despite my interaction with Ms. Thang and her unlocked door.

A little verbal abuse ain’t too bad if there’s a cupcake at the end of itYa feel me?

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Guest Blogger:

Erin Barlow is a teacher and self proclaimed cookie monster.
When’s she’s not busy teaching, you can find her searching high and low, for the next best pastry.


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