Adair Kitchen Inspired Super Foods Bowl

     Every now and then I get inspired to make something new. I get tired of eating the same kinds of dishes over and over, so I look for inspiration elsewhere. If you asked me what my favorite restaurant was, at this moment I would say Adair Kitchen(see restaurant review here).

They have this dish, called “The Super Foods Bowl“, which I was recommended to by my boss. It’s a bowl with brown rice, topped with a kale salad mixture and your choice of meat- SUPER TASTY!

Well here is my quick and simple recipe.

Rice of choice
2 Avocados
2 Tomatoes
1 Cucumber
1 can of Beets or 1-2 fresh beets
1 small Red Onion sliced
1 Carrot
Homemade vinaigrette(everyone makes it differently)

1. Cut all vegetables in desired type of cut (leave avocados for last)
2. Create a vinaigrette
3. Add all veggies except lettuce and mix well
4. Let sit in fridge
5. Prepare your rice
6. Let it cool
7. Serve rice in a bowl and top with lettuce, veggie salad mixture and avocados
8. Enjoy!



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