Quick and Simple Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

Lately, I’ve been into fruit smoothies. I used to make them for my family just for fun, but I now really gotten into creating something worth sharing.

This summer I want to bring you Quick and Simple Smoothie recipes, all from scratch. I will be making them and sharing them as I go, no matter how weird they taste. You might have already found my first smoothie recipe post( my best one yet). For this smoothie I decided to try something new, and the color and taste came out just perfectly. I’ll be sharing quick easy to make breakfast for those “in a hurry” days.

I’ll stop here and leave you with the quickest and simplest smoothie recipe; you can never go wrong when pairing these two fruits. 

How about a cute summer smoothie?

Ingredients: Serves 1 



1 small cup of milk(substitute desired milk preference)

1. Cut all ingredients into small portions
2. Add all to blender
3. For some sweetness add some sugar
4. Blend away!



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