Brasserie 19 – Houston, TX

Brasserie 19
Brasserie 19

1962 W Gray St, 
Houston, TX 77019

Mon 11a-9p
Tue-Thur 11a-10p
Fri-Sat 11a-11p
Sun Brunch 10a-3p, Dinner 3p-9a

Brasserie Dix-Neuf had been on my list for some time now, so I was interested in finding out what this “French Classicism Meets Modern Luxury” concept was all about.  The restaurant joins in with Coppa Osteria and a couple of other restaurants owned by Clark Cooper Concepts. I came to eat here on a Saturday after coming back from my trip to Miami, it was a perfect transition back to the Houston life. It’s a very clean, fresh looking area inside and outside, and if you choose to sit outside you can see palm trees and almost feel as though you are near a beach(sigh). I have to so though, that the service is MEDIOCRE, seriously- considering the beauty and freshness of this restaurant, you would think the staff would be in line with that image.

What I Ate:
While looking at the menu, I had my eyes on the Croque Monsieur/Madame and the Brasserie 19 Burger. After weighing my options, I decided to go with the burger and a mimosa- yes, I thought “I’m sure this will be a deliciously fresh burger.” Boy was I wrong, after several minutes after- Our food came! I was given a mountain of fries with a burger and the whole nine. My waiter had forgotten my mustard- so I informed him. Several minutes later after stopping my affair with the fries, I looked down at my burger and realized my tomato was rotten. Ugh, EEWWW!!

I looked around for our waiter, who had been all over the vicinity, all over, serving other customers, and he was nowhere in sight. So, I decided to find him myself and told him. The waiter and manager came and grabbed my plate, the manager was kind and professional. He apologized for his staff and ordered that I be made a fresh plate. Meanwhile as I waited, my sister finished her food- AND I WAS STILL WAITING! We literally saw people come and go out of this restaurant and I hadn’t eaten a thing- other than those few fries. Several minutes went by, and the manager came with my burger, fries and mustard sauce(Finally!) 

I begin to eat the Brasserie Burger that I waited years to get, aaaaaannndd it was the plainest burger I have EVER tasted, even the mustard didn’t help. Maybe I’m picky with my burgers( hence why I hardly eat them) or I don’t know much about burgers. But what I’m sure of is that the meat should be seasoned- and seasoned well! Overall, this restaurant was a disappointment- Cool environment, but bad service!

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