Mr. Peeples – Houston, TX

Mr. Peeples

Mr. Peeples 

1911 Bagby St.
Houston, TX 77002

M-F 11a-11p
Sa 4p-11p
Su 11a-4p


Just about a week ago, I went to dinner with my sister and some friends. The restaurant suggested was Mr. Peeples, a seafood and steak restaurant. The restaurant is located in the vibrant part of Houston, Midtown. As you walk up the steps at the entrance you are greeted by a door man. Who proceeds to open the door for and welcome you in. My immediate reaction as I walked in was, “Ooh, aren’t they fancy!” Well, the environment of this restaurant is very “Vegas,” with chandeliers, masquerade type decor and graffiti walls. Although the decor was all beautiful, I was left puzzled as to what their identity is.

What I ate:

Before we get into the food, I’d like to say that our waiter was slightly disrespectful from the get go, but we chose to not read into his manners. I knew exactly how much the food was before coming, but I didn’t want to break the bank. I ordered crab and lobster cakes. They were tasty and filling, but a bit overpriced. 

As we enjoyed our food and conversation, we looked over at the couple sitting at the table next to ours and noticed that they were complaining to the manager about the disservice of the wait or. Not long after, we were ready to pay. The waiter came a took our forms of payment, never asked how we wanted to split the bill. Once he came back, I noticed he had charged 65% of the order on my card. I immediately asked to speak to the manager because I didn’t feel like dealing with the waiter’s attitude.

Once the manager and waiter came, I explained the situation. Annnnd, the waiter of course tried to be smart with me claiming that he had split the tickets. I immediately passed the receipts to him to where he immediately ran to fix the mess up. 

Now, I don’t know if the he was overwhelmed or if he was having a bad day. But if people are paying an arm and a leg to eat at any restaurant, you would think the service would be top notch…right?

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