Byzantio Cafe and Bar – Houston, TX

Byzantio Cafe & Bar

403 W. Gray St.
Houston, TX 77019

M-Th, Su 10a-1a
F-S 10a- 2a

A week ago, I was invited to a private event at Byzantio Cafe & Bar. Byzantio is a traditional Greek restaurant located in Midtown Houston. A friend of mine had taken me there for a happy hour chat a few days before. The restaurant is housed in the owners; previous residence, and is described as a restaurant serving authentic greek food with a twist. As you go around the restaurant, the walls are covered with images that bring life and character to this establishment. The staff is very courteous, I received great service on both occasions. Ilias and Dora Giannakopoulos did a great job at hosting, presenting dishes and explaining the story of their restaurant. (Get a visual feel of the restaurant with my video review here)

What I Ate:
We started off with some starters and drinks while we mingled and participated in a scavenger hunt around the restaurant. Following the mingling, we were welcomed to find our seats, and began the experience. First off was a greek salad, accompanied with a platter with pita bread with Kafteri, Hummus and Tzatziki. In addition, we tasted Bougiourdi, a greek fondue, served with toasted bread. Our entrees consisted of chicken, lamb and pork kalamaki(souvlaki), with baked lemon potatoes, pastitsio(lasagna).

In my culture, we eat brochettes(Souvlaki/Kebabs) and cook them differently, so it is interesting to see how other cultures prepare their own. The Kalamaki was not my favorite, but the baked lemon potatoes were something special. You could taste the infusion of lemon in the potato, which was delicious.

We finished our meals with a shot of Mastika, a unique greek liqueur( pictured below with Ilias) derived from the mastic tree. This was a pretty interesting smooth shot, tasted a little bit like carrots :).

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