Coconut Cartel – Miami, Fl

Coconut Cartel


We’re headed towards winter and my heart is still in the summertime I can’t help it, I was born in the summer. One thing that I knew I wanted from my second trip out to Miami, was experience. I wanted to see and do, and be one with the season.

I contacted a brand called Coconut Cartel, as I’d seen someone on instagram post about their coconuts. Coconut Cartel is a Miami based company that sells coconut water au-naturale. The company imports fresh Malayan Dwarf and Maypan coconuts from El Salvador.

I sent them a message asking where I could find them in South Beach. A few hours later, I received a message from one of the founders, telling me exactly where they’re sold. My friend and I marched our little selves down Ocean Drive to JugoFresh, a Juice bar serving locally produced juices and foods.

I remember drinking coconut water and eating coconut back when we lived in West Africa. These Salvadorian coconuts were different from the ones that I was used to. It was fresh, leaning more to the taste of water, but I definitely prefer the African ones. It was very cool and refreshing and little old me was lucky enough to find someone to crack the coconut so that I could eat the inside 🙂


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