Organique Spa’s DIY Organic Body Scrub

Have you ever applied food to your body? I know we all eat food here at brunch and conversation, but I’m talking about your skin. A little olive oil, sugar, and your favorite scent can be combined to make a nice organic body scrub and moisturizer. I got a chance to make mine, lavender.

I attended a little party for Organique Spa, a local spa located on Westview in the Spring Valley area of Houston. There were plenty of women all here to get some advise, consultation and also set up appointments for pampering.


1. Olive oil

2. sugar

3. Scent (optional)


1. Pour Olive oil into small container

2. Add Sugar

3. Add scent(optional)

4. Cover and shake well until mixed

5. Apply neck down, before getting out of shower

6. Rise off

This little baby left my skin moisturized and I didn’t even need to apply any lotion that night or the day after. I don’t know about you but, it gets harder to keep skin moisturized during the winter. This is one clever way to stay moisturized and I plan on doing this often. Try it and let me know what you thought! Also, please give any tips in the comments below.


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