#HashTagLunchBag Houston Prepares Lunches for the Homeless

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday morning making lunch bags with #HashTagLunchBag and the Hive Society. #HashTagLunchBag is a social organization whose purpose is to bring awareness to and fight hunger in local communities. The organization was started in 2012 by a group of friends in Los Angeles, California, and has taken over the nation.

I first heard of this organization through a celebrity’s Instagram profile, but once I learned that Houston had its very own #HashTagLunchBag group, I was even more excited. A group of over 100 volunteers gathered at Grooves of Houston on December 13, 2014, on the same mission. To tackle hunger in Houston. The volunteers made a total of 807 lunch bags, which were given out to the homeless around the city of Houston.

It’s amazing what a group of dedicated individuals can come together and do. For the friends who started this organization just a few years ago, they probably didn’t see what a huge impact it would have. I’m beyond grateful to have spent my weekend with people who share in the same beliefs, people who believe in giving back and helping others. We are all busy(supposedly), but no one is ever too busy to lend a helping hand.

I look forward to the many #HashTagLunchBagHou events  to come, and also to meeting other great people of Houston. For more information: hashtaglunchbag



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