New Year’s Eve Sparkling Wine Cocktail

2014 was the year of being lost and getting found, for me at least. Starting with a new job and being the new driver in town. It’s been one crazy roller-coaster. Aside from my crazy experiences, I’m taking my time off to reflect on my accomplishments. Sometimes we get so busy and so focused on other things that we forget to take time to reflect on and appreciate our progress.

In 2014, I got lost and actually allowed myself to be lost. I did many simple things, alone, with family or friends, and even strangers. I did things that interest me and even opened myself up to new things. And in the end of it all, I found a part of myself that I never knew was there. Which leads me to my goals for 2015.

In honor of the new year, and what great things await, I introduce my “Beehive” cocktail. I came up with the drink accidentally, while making another cocktail. The original(pictured above) tasted like it was missing something, so I decided to add an extra ingredient. I totally did this by accident, so I wasn’t able to make proper measurements. Hope you enjoy!

Beehive Cocktail



Sparkling wine



1. Wet the tip of your champagne flute glasses, and dip in sugar. Let sit to dry

2. Squeeze the Mandarin juice into a shaker, add honey and a little bit of ice. Shake well

3. Pour mixture into champagne flute, and pour champagne over

4. Garnish as desired


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