A Taste of Chicago in Houston: D’Marco’s Pizzeria

Your first thoughts, after hearing the story of how D’marcos
Pizzeria came to be, are something along the lines of, “Wow, it was meant to be.” Jenkins who is
an all-time lover of pizza, found himself at a search for great pizza after
moving to Houston from Chicago. Jenkins moved to Houston for an engineering
job. After being laid off as an engineer, he began thinking about starting his
own pizzeria.

Jenkins didn’t let his job loss keep him down, instead, he got to
working. Instinct has a way of showing you the way, it seems. Jenkins got in contact with
the owners of his favorite Chicago Pizzeria, Mama Rigetta’s, and expressed his
love of their pizzas. He also shared his wanting to share that passion with others. The owners gifted him their secret recipes and 
requested that he make them proud.  Fast forward to 2014, D’Marcos Pizzeria was born. 

Myself, along with several other Houston food bloggers and writers
were invited to D’Marcos Pizzeria in Sugarland for a private media tasting event
where we tasted 3 pizza dishes (listed below). Jenkins will be entering all three
dishes into two national Pizza competitions in the next few weeks. 


South Highway 6, Suite 106

Land, TX 77498

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On the menu were:

Chicago Style Deep Dish (Chicken Sausage, Onions, Green Peppers and Mushrooms)

Most deep dish pizzas that I’ve had tend to lean on the soggy side of town, and leave you feeling full and sick. This Chicago style Deep Dish, however, does no such thing. The crust of this dish makes all the difference. It’s almost like a tart!

Caprese w/ Chicken Sausage (Basil, Tomatoes & Chicken Sausage)

The Caprese was my favorite. Made with Halal meat. Again, the crust is simple and leaves you plenty room for another serving.

Homemade Chicken Sausage & Cheese
I didn’t eat much of this one, mainly because I was so focused on eating the Caprese. But again, the crust here makes all the difference.

It’s tradition to have a graffiti wall in a Pizzeria in Chicago


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