DOSI Restaurant and Soju Bar Menu Tasting Event

This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity of attending an exclusive menu tasting event organized by the Korean American Society of Houston(KASH) at DOSI Restaurant and Soju Bar. At the event, we had the opportunity to mingle, meet new people, visit the restaurant and taste the new items on the menu. DOSI is a Korean-Fusion restaurant that is located on S. Shepherd. The restaurant’s menu consists of shareable dishes prepared by head-chef Jordan Asher and Co-Chef Daniel Toro. DOSI seeks to use new modern and fresh recipes to connect Houston to the Korean culture.

The tasting consisted of 10 items from the menu, sounds like a lot- right! The perfect thing about their dishes is that they are shareable- which encourages one of my favorite things to do over food, conversate. Dishes were brought out within a reasonable amount of time, one after another, and all guests shared and debated on their favorites. I enjoyed my experience at this event, that I came back days after to interview the owner and get and even closer look into this wonderful restaurant. Look for my more in depth interview feature with DOSI’s owner, on, here.

Without further ado, here are the items that were on the menu:

Kimchee:  A Korean side dish, made with fermented vegetables. It was delicious and fresh, definitely perfect as a side dish. Not heavy, very light.

Soju Samplers: Served at room temperature, fruit infused. They taste light, but you start to feel the burn in your chest after swallowing. Don’t take them lightly, they will knock you out if you’re not


Shishito Peppers: Topped with peanut oil, sauce of dark malt, soy & sherry vinegar. They taste good, in the same category as bell peppers. They weren’t over-done, just right.

Kale Tapioca Chips: Garnished with kimchee spice, fermented kale yogurt. They were surprisingly good. But the fermented yogurt on them is very strong and heavy.

Wagyu Beef Jerky: Fermented black bean glaze, coriander stem, lime. Just like beef jerky, with a kick of lime. And I loved the presentation, looks just like a piece of grass with dirt attached. Creative!

Grilled Tofu: Fermented tomato, shiso, pickled onion, puffed rice. Not my favorite dish, but the tomatoes were unbelievably good, the tofu just tasted over-grilled.


Shrimp & Spinach Pancake: Sauce of pickled mustard seed, charred chive & soy. My least favorite dish. There was just so much going on, the fact that I could taste the “oceany taste” of the Shrimp in my mouth was a complete turn off.

Fried Oysters: Pickled quail eggs, radish, crisp seaweed, fermented garlic mayo, bibb lettuce. This little wrap dish was good, the garlic mayo sauce was the bomb!

Squid: Stir fried with garlic leaves, dry roasted onions & long beans, korean nori & soy. This was actually tasty, not something you can eat a full plate or bowl of, but definitely tasty.

Street Dumplings: Rice cakes & smoked brisket glazed in a sauce of gochujang, prune & pear. I’m not a fan of dumplings really, so they weren’t my favorite. A lot of the other guests loved it though!

Octopus: Grilled with caramelized scallion, shishito peppers & mushrooms, rice pancakes. One of my favorite dishes. They’re like tacos, smaller portioned and so delicious!!

Soju: Very smooth, room temperature. Be careful not to over do it, you might not make it! We had these shots to wash out and prepare for our last dish

Bo Ssam: Whole roasted pork shank lettuce wraps with pickled vegetables & ssamjang. The best dish to end the night with. This and the squid were my top favorite dishes served at the tasting. The pork is cooked for 6  hours, and comes out perfectly. When paired with the vegetables, sauce and wrapped in lettuce- It’s the real deal! Definite must try!

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  1. Resonant Brain

    I’ve been here twice and I'm already looking forward to my third visit. The specials were more delicious than the items listed on the menu, so ask for the daily specials at San Francisco restaurants! It's not on the menu but rest assured, it will be delightful.

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  4. Michelle Clark

    Everything is in order but when I saw the Grilled Tofu, suddenly I feel like I have to eat it. it was decorated so nicely and looks so delicious too. I love to have it any day, could be today.

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