Killen’s Barbecue – Houston, TX

Killeen’s BBQ

3613 East Broadway Street
Pearland, TX 77581

Tu-Su 11a-3p ( or ’til they run out)

I had the chance of going to Killen’s BBQ as part of my Tastemade Houston launch appisode series. Killen’s BBQ is located South of Houston in Pearland, TX. A friend and I decided to take a trip down to an unfamiliar part of Pearland, to get a taste of Houston ‘Que.  After reading reviews, we decided to get there around 11a, as they opened at 11a. The line was long, but as excited as we were- we didn’t notice(Make sure you bring a friend). Killen’s is a very casual restaurant, with a cafeteria dining style. It reminded me of the lunch lines back in school, where you get in line, grab a tray and tell the lunch lady what you want to eat. The staff was kind, helpful, funny and had no problem being in my Tastemade appisode. You have the option of seating inside or outside, and off course we opted to sit outside. Want a closer look? Watch my Tastemade appisode here.

What I Ate:
My God, what didn’t we get? From short ribs, sausage, potato salad, Mac-n-cheese, cole slaw, peach cobbler, bread pudding. The food is worth the wait and drive, but I would recommend you come hungry. Maybe starving, because there’s a lot of food and its extremely heavy. Everything was equally good, but obviously tough to finish all together. My favorites were the brisket, Mac-n-Cheese, ‘tato salad, and bread pudding(not pictured). Overall, great place to visit one weekend or day, when it’s sunny out so you can sit outside and enjoy.

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