Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen

A group of food bloggers
and writers were invited to a menu tasting at Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen, on
July, 21(My birthday!!!). Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen is a Tex-Mex restaurant
owned by Sylvia Cesares, serving authentic Mexican food. 
Having been a food
scientist at Uncle Ben’s Rice, Cesares has been able to combine her food
expertise and her southern family cuisine to bring to Houston uniquely crafted dishes.
At a young age, Cesares knew she wanted more from life, so whether in the
kitchen or at work, she always knew that there was always something better.
While working behind the scenes in the food industry, Cesares knew that she
wanted to own a restaurant of her own.

It wasn’t until she had a
conversation with a stranger on a plane ride, that she became inspired to be
courageous and make a change. “It became clear to me that it was about
fear,” Cesares said about her big “Aha moment.” Then after that, the rest
is history. Cesares shared with us her dishes for Houston Restaurant Week,
which were exquisite. Hearing the story of how much love, care and sweat is put
into making the perfect dish, added to the whole experience. The food itself
was already good, but hearing the work that goes into crafting the perfect
dish, makes one appreciate every bite.

For more information on
Sylvia’s Enchiladas and Houston Restaurant Week, click here.

Sylvia’s Enchiladas has 3
locations in Houston:


Dairy Ashford

Eldridge Parkway

“Great food, great service” – Sylvia Cesares

 Here’s a quick look of what to expect;

Guacamole: Better than whatever guac you are eating, and no Chipotle doesn’t count.

Coctel de Camaron: Sweet little shrimp cocktail sauce, can be eaten with crackers or chips.

Ceviche: Marinated with fresh line juice and spices, goes well with tostadas or chips

South of the Border Enchiladas Flight: A diverse platter of flavor 

North of the Border Enchilada Flight: A lighter combination plate of flavor. Recommend the Cheese, Calabacita and Crab Meat Enchiladas. 
Mesquite Mixed Grill Platter: The top dog platter. Highly recommended Quail, Shrimp and Carne Asada
Chocolate Tres Leches: Have you ever had one? Off course not. Try this unique delicacy. Only found at Sylvia’s
Flan: Baby, baby…Just order it, that’s all. FLAVOR, FLAVOR but still having a smooth taste.
Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream with Kahlua and Strawberries: YUUUUUMM!!!

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