Cucumber Breeze Cocktail Recipe

Several weeks ago, you remember I went to Etoile Cafe Et Bar and really enjoyed their Cucumber fizz summer drink. It was so refreshing, like the summer breeze.

Anyway, I was home playing with a little kitchen tools, cutting swirly cucumber slices then it hit me. BOOM! You should create a cucumber juice. I off course said that outloud and my mother advised I made a drink. And again, BOOM!

After playing around in the lab, excuse my lack of exact measurements. I came up with this sweet lil’ thang I’d like to call Cucumber Breeze, because well obviously! Check it out, hope you like


1 Cucumber


Tequila( Jose Cuervo Especial)



1.  Chop cucumber and add to blender. Blend until smooth, then use a kitchen drainer to drain the juice. 

2.  In a cocktail mixer or a tall cup, combine all ingredients as desire( I didn’t quite measure, but start light and add more as needed to balance) 

3. Pour over ice in your desired glass. Use a leftover slice of cucumber to garnish 

4. Enjoy! 


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