4 Ways To Use Tajin Chile

If you went to Middle school with me, you remember how we used to obsess over Lucas candies. You know the spicy mexican candy with flavors ranging from watermelon-mango, covered in chile? Well, if you think we’re too old to be snacking on those, then rejoice because I’ve got something just as good.


The brand recently sent me this spice in the mail, and I wanted to share with you guys. Meet Tajin, one of the most popular chili powders in Mexico. Tajin is used to enhance or add a little “cha-cha” to fruits, vegetables, and drinks. It ‘s based on a Mexican old age tradition of seasoning fruits and vegetables with mild chili peppers, lime and salt. I went ahead and tried it on a few different foods, and below are my findings.

The spice can be found at your nearest grocery store, most likely in the foreign foods section. Stores ranging from Fiesta and Aldi, to Walmart and HEB.

1. Avocado
Avocado was hands down my favorite, because I already use salt or lemon on my avocados. Tajin on the avocado was the best combination of salty & limy( if that even a word). Try eaten the straight or even chopping them on slices of toast and sprinkling with Tajin. Either way, so delicious and highly recommend.

2. Pinneapple
Pinneapple was decent, but I would only recommend perhaps if your pineapple isn’t already deliciously juicy. Because the sugary juices from the fruit paired with Tajin can be intense, and also take to much away from the taste of the fruit itself.

3. Mango
I love mango, so adding Tajin to it was my least favorite. The fruit tasted overpowered and defeated. Next time I will try to make a mangonada

4. Garnish
I used it to add a little excitement and flavor to my margarita glass. And yes, I ended up licking the glass


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