4 Coconut Oil Uses

I was recently introduced to coconut oil…Correction. I recently tried coconut oil for the first time. If you follow me on Instagram(go follow), you probably saw a post last month of me saying that I was trying coconut oil for the whole month of November.  The cool people over at La Tourangelle sent me a 14oz tub of their organic extra virgin coconut oil, which is produced directly from freshly picked coconuts(instead of the dried coconuts in most oils).
When these fresh coconuts are pressed, they produce both coconut milk and oil. The oil and milk are then separated, leaving an oil that still maintained the antioxidants of the coconuts.

La Tourangelle is a french company that produces artisan oils. They started in France, producing some of the oils that are used in restaurants in the Loire Valley of France. Just a couple of years ago, La Tourangelle decided to make their oils available in America; Fast forward to today they have produced a wide array of artisan oils such as the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which can be found in an HEB store near you.

I know I always talk about food, but just like this previous post from months ago( that you guys liked BTW), I decided to do something that’s not so food related. Here are my 4 favorite uses for coconut oil.

Hair Moisturizer: This is probably my favorite. So for the past month, I’ve been using this coconut oil is my hair. Grabbing a couple of spoons worth and melting it using a cup and some warm-hot water.  The oil has done wonders; keeping my scalp and hair moisturized and also reducing dandruff. I usually either mix it in with my shampoo or apply it and use my hair conditioner to make sure I am able to get it out of my hair. Then as my hair dries, I apply some more to my hair as desired before styling.

Moisturizing Body Scrub: Another great use for coconut oil is on your skin. I made a sugar and coconut oil shower scrub, which I use during showers and have no need of applying lotion afterwards. It has been especially helpful during the winter in keeping my skin moisturized and smooth.

Lotion: If you tend to have dry skin or if you’re sick of your regular lotion not working I suggest using coconut oil as a lotion. It is very moisturizing and a 14oz tub can last you months since you need to melt it before using. Lather a small amount unto your skin after the shower to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Make-Up Remover: Another awesome and cheap use is in removing mascara or make-up in general, oil removes make-up easily without you applying any chemicals to your skin. Plus your skin will be very moisturized after you wash your face.

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