A Taste of Buff Burger

Buff Burger

1014 Wirt Road
Houston, TX 77055

M-Th 11a-9p
F-Sa 11a-10p
Su 11a-9p

Buff Burger invited me to a media tasting not too long ago, and boy was it delicious. I’ve had a crazy but fun packed month of tastings and events, and this one was one of them. Buff Burger is a new burger restaurant, offering good quality food and drink. They combine all natural ingredients supplied by local ranchers, farmers, and bakeries to serve you a burger “au natural.”

With your burger you get the chance at ordering some delicious sides like Parmesan Truffle Fries and Edamame. In addition to that, you can also pair your burger with your desired alcoholic beverage. You can choose from a selection of craft beers and wines on tap, or a milkshake made with locally sourced ice cream.

As we arrived, we were offered a drink of choice. I grabbed a Cabernet and proceeded to find a seat with my two blogger friends Black Girls Who Brunch and Gristle and Gossip. We began the evening with a plate of sea salt and truffle fries, and edamame(I LOOVE EDAMAME!!), served with their corresponding sauces: Sriracha Mayo, Truffle Aioli, and Sriracha Mayo. Off course you always have burgers and fries, but the Edamame was quite a natural green side addition.

Our starters were followed by a plate of mini burgers, each paired with its ideal beverage.The burgers served were a traditional, fish, fried chicken, goat cheese, avocado, and bacon and cheese. Each slider was paired with its corresponding beverage, from Root beer (so delicious) to white wine. The meal was very well paired and I’m sure they’d do a great job at recommending a burger/beverage pairing for you. My favorite burger was hands down the crispy chicken(which is not yet available, #justwaitonit), followed by bacon and cheese, avocado and traditional. And off course my favorite pairing was bacon and cheese slider with root beer, followed closely by crispy chicken and white wine.


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