A Taste of South African Food at Peli Peli Restaurant

I had the [absolute] honor of dining at Peli Peli Restaurant. Peli Peli is a South African infusion restaurant with locations at Vintage Park and The Galleria. The restaurant has been around for 9 years, but recently open a new location inside the loop.  

As you walk into the Galleria location, you’ll be welcomed by a rainbow of LED lights that are perfectly assembled from the front room, the bar to the back rooms.  As you arrive in the middle room, depending on the time of day, you’ll witness the ceiling lighting change from sunrise to sunset. And as you look to the walls you’ll see maps of Johannesburg and ” South African Flavors” printed on the walls. You’ll also get to see some unique art pieces live painted by performance painter David Garibaldi.  

Peli Peli is owned by Thomas Nguyen, Michael Tran and Chef Paul Friedman( who is of South African decent). Together they want to introduce you to South Africa, through through the dishes on the menu. You’ll notice some influences from other cultures, which in part shows how diverse the country really is. We tasted some popular South African dishes like; Bobotie, Melktart(meaning Milk Tart in Afrikaans) and the South African KingKlip fish.

If you’re not familiar with South African food, like most people, don’t fret. Their well-versed and knowledgeable staff will be right there to walk you through the menu. But, one thing I can tell you about your dining experience at Peli Peli is, you will not be disappointed. 

Bobotie: A traditional South African dish consisting of spiced mashed meat baked in a “pot-pie” way. Very flavorful, 2nd best thing on the menu.

Prawn Bisque: This soup was so comforting and filling. It was topped with lobster meat.

South African Kingklip & Scallops: Special South African fish, imported from the motherland. The fish has a tougher texture but was very well seared and went perfectly with the slaw. The Shrimp was cooked as well.

Side Slaw w/ a mixed veggie/potato dish

Huguenot & Madagascar Filet  Medalions & Lamb Chop: 6 oz. filet topped with creamy clue cheese & bacon, and Green Peppercorn sauce. Perfectly prepared, to.die.for.

Melktart Brûlée: Traditional South African dessert adapted by Chef Paul, topped with brûlée crumble. You will feel perfectly at peace, joyful and in love with your first bite. Then you will come for more of this heavenly dessert. ( You’ve been warned!)


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