My First Cruise on Carnival Elation

This past month, I went on a much needed 5-day vacation to Mexico with Carnival Cruise Lines. This trip marked two things in my life; it was my first trip outside of America since moving here with my family 16 years ago, and it also was my first time on a cruise. So, off course it was a big deal and I was excited.

I had never really looked into cruises that much, but it’s interesting to learn that there are different cruise ships that all give you a different experience. The experience was indeed great, doing nothing all day and night. Meaning, not checking/answering e-mails or calls, Internet, cooking and driving. IT WAS FANTASTIC!
One thing I did do was eat, drink, and have fun…Okay, that’s totally more than one.

One of my fears about being on a ship was getting sea sick or getting tired and bored out at sea. I might sound a little claustrophobic(out at sea, really?). But lucky for me, I almost never felt like I was at sea…Well except for the times when the ship would rock from side to side. Luckily, there’s plenty to do on ships to help you get over the fear or nervousness. From dancing, drinking, comedy shows, to spa treatments…There’s definitely something to keep everyone busy.  There’s also plenty of food to go around, with buffet styled eating to specialized food areas…You’ll basically be eating, drinking, tanning, and right back around. I didn’t have spectacular dining experiences, but they were great- service and all. My favorite station was the ” Mongolian” Food station, which kinda speaks for itself.

At our first stop, Cozumel, we went on a beach day excursion. The day involved, snorkeling, cultural tour, salsa class, and a Tequila tasting. It was also my first time snorkeling, and after a small panick attack and help from our tour guide, I managed to enjoy myself. At the Tequila tasting, we were able to learn about this spirit and how it is made, and the different sorts of Tequila that one can enjoy.

Our last excursion was my favorite. We stopped in Progresso, Mexico, the city which everyone advised there wasn’t much to do. I wanted to do something food related, something that would get me closer to the people and the culture. We took an excursion with Via Yucatan, entitled ” Holy Guacamole, Salsa & Margarita Cooking Tour. This excursion took place at a beach house 35-40 minutes from deck, where we learn how to make Tequila infused Guacamole(pictured below), Salsa and a spicy margarita. Our guides were very informative and hilarious, teaching us about the culture and history of Mexico, as well as the cost and ways of living there.

The food was delicious. The Margarita was perfect, with a great amount of sweetness and spiciness. The Guacamole was the same, and off course it’s hard to say no to Guac…So that in itself says a lot. I managed to hold a conversation with one of the employees, in SPANISH Y’ALL!! I was proud of myself!



  1. January 30, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    Super excited to find your post, booked this for next month. Thank you!

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