A Taste of Milagro Tequila at La Grange Houston

A week ago, I was invited to a special tasting event on the lovely patio of La Grange in Montrose. The tasting was organized by Milagro Tequila, and consisted of a tasting of four of their 6 expressions.

Milagro Tequila is an award winning tequila brand, founded in 1998, that prides itself in organically combining traditional and modern production techniques to capture the spirit of Mexico. The production of this spirit begins in the Jalisco Highlands, where the finest blue agave is grown, upon harvesting select agave pines are slow roasted to extract all the Agave goodness, followed by a complex double-distillation that leaves a marvelously smooth white spirit.

The tasting was mediated by Milagro Tequila Ambassador, Juan Pablo De Loera. JP gave us a little Tequila 101 lesson as we learned of the different classes of Tequila: Silver, Gold, Reposed, Anejo, and extra Anejo. But Milagro Tequila portofolio consists of 6 different expressions;

Silver: Un-aged, with a crisp smooth agave taste
Reposado: Rested for 3-6 months in American Oak barrels. A bit more robust.
Anejo: Aged for 14-24 Months in American oak barrels. Smooth and more defined taste
Select Barrel Reserve: Mellowed for 30 days in both American & French oak barrels, leaving a full-bodied fine tequila.
Select Barrel Reserve Reposado: Aged 3-6 months in American & French oak barrels, leaving a perfect balance of agave and oak
Select Barrel Reserve Anejo: Aged 14-24 months in American & French oak barrels, leaving a smooth, full-bodied taste with a taste of sweetness and oak.

Obviously you can’t drink on an empty stomach, so I grabbed their stacked chicken enchilada plate from the menu, which is topped with a cream sauce and cheese and is served with refried black beans and Spanish rice. I enjoyed the meal with Milagro Reposado which pairs really nicely with main courses. So, next time the sun’s out and you find yourself looking to host a little patio fun…Head on over to this gorgeous, spacious patio and take a shot of Milagro for me!


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