A Taste of Don Julio Tequila at 5226 Elm St.

Don Julio Tequila was founded in the highlands of Jalisco by Don Julio Gonzalez in 1942, where Don Julio began with a dream to change the craft of tequila and ultimately ended up creating Mexico’s best-selling ultra-premium tequila. Don Julio is a brand that takes pride in ensuring quality, and their Master Distiller, Enrique de Colsa, ensures just that. de Colsa is responsible for tasting and evaluating each different tequila, managing the barrel-aging process, and fine tuning every blend to ensure consistency. Don Julio only uses the highest-caliber, fully matured and ripened blue agave hand-selected after 8-10 years. Which would mean that they hand pick and harvest the most ready Agave.

I was invited out to a private media tasting of Don Julio at the beautiful 5226 Elm St. venue. During the evening, we were treated to perfectly crafted cocktails by Mixologist Omar Villavicencio. One of my favorites was the El Diablo, made with Don Julio Reposado, lime juice, and Ginger.

We continued the experience by watching a presentation by Houston Eater Chef of the year nominee, Chef Jean-Philippe Gaston. Chef Gaston demonstrated uses of Don Julio Tequila in the kitchen. Following the demonstration, we were welcomed to the main area, where we tasted Don Julio’s expressions and shared a family style meal, made with fresh ingredients and paired with a Don Julio cocktail.

 El Diablo:
Made with Don Julio Reposado, lime juice, and Ginger. perfect balance of sweet & bitter.

We tasted the following Don Julio Tequila Expressions.

Blanco:  Smooth, crisp, with fresh agave expressions and citrus.
Reposado: Rich, smooth with a golden amber color. Minimum 8 months in a barrel.
Anejo: Aged at least 1 year and a half, perfect balance of agave and an wood influence.
70 Crystal Anejo: First Anejo christalina Tequila, aged for 18 months in American White Oak barrels. Hardest Tequila to find in Mexico. Has a perfect balance of Blanco and Anejo

First Course
Tequila Don Julio Agua Chile:
Pan seared Shrimp, Citrus and pepper marinade, with fresh vegetables. Refreshing starter.

First Course drink pairing
Tequila Don Julio Blanco, House-made bitters, Fresh lime juice, topped with local honeycomb. My 2nd favorite drink of the evening, that honeycomb was a fresh touch!

Main Course
Tequila Don Julio Asado De Churrasco Y Chimichurri:
Seared Beef Tenderloin with rested Chimichuri sauce, and a side of Milcaos. These Milcaos(potato pancakes) were so delicious.

Main course drink pairing
Anejo Martinez:
Tequila Don Julio Anejo, House-Made Maraschino Liqueur, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters

Brigadeiros & Platanos Calados:
Sweet and condensed milk cocoa with plantains slow cooked in sugar and citrus


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