BRIANNAS Spinach Power Salad + Degustabox Review

After spending almost the whole month of June eating and drinking out, I felt like I needed some days eating something fresh and light. During the month of June I received a shipment of President Butters and Cheeses, not long after, I received my very first package from Degustabox. Degustabox is a monthly surprise subscription box company from Europe that has recently expanded to the good ole U S of A. They send a box filled with 10-15 surprise food products for $19.99 per month. Boxes are delivered straight to you and there is no long-term commitment, so you can holla at Degustabox anytime you want.

I was so excited when I picked up my first box, not knowing what to expect, I ripped the box open and was surprised by all the goodies in the box. There were items that I would have never thought to purchase for myself, especially since I only shop for one…Yeah, I’ve yet to master the art of shopping for one. Some of the items in the box were Orchard Valley Harvest mixed nuts, Briannas Vinaigrette, Vita Coco coconut oil, Topo Chico, among others.

After seeing Briannas vinaigrette and remembering I had President’s Feta Crumbles and spinach I had just purchased, I knew exactly what I wanted to eat. I wanted a salad, but I didn’t want any plain ol’ salad. I whipped up a salad good enough to leave my belly satisfied and full; I added in a few items from the box like Orchard Valley Harvest’s mixed nuts. I was also feeling a kick of inspiration that I made a quick cocktail with Topo Chico, Haribo Gummies and Don Julio…You’ll have to wait for the video recipe on Instagram soon(follow me).

Ready for your own Degustabox?

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Organic Spinach

1/2 Cup Raisins

1/2 Cup Red Onions, diced

2 tsp. Flaxseeds

1/4 cup Orchard Valley Harvest mixed nuts, chopped

1 Potato, cooked & chopped

1 boiled egg, chopped

Briannas Italian Vinaigrette 

President Feta Cheese

Mix raisins, nuts, onions with spinach in a bowl. Add the eggs, potatoes, flaxseeds and Briannas vinaigrette. You can put it in the fridge to cool or serve immediately, topped with feta. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I received  these products to review, courtesy of DegustaboxUSA. All opinions given are my own.


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