Snooze For Breakfast

I spent the whole past week celebrating my birthday. Each day, I made sure to do something special for myself; whether it was treating myself to something or being treated to something. Most of the moments leading up to my birthday were spent alone or surrounded by my foodie friends and loved ones. I was invited to try Snooze, a Colorado born eatery that just opened a location in Houston. 

The media and members of the city were invited to the location during their three opening benefit breakfast on Monday, July 18 through Wednesday, July 20. During their soft opening, they partnered with local organizations such as Urban Harvest, Brighter Bites, and Hearoes for Children and donated money from all sales for the 3 days to the given charity.  One of the reasons why I got hooked on this place, besides the food; they are highly involved within the communities that they are in. The two brothers who founded Snooze with a desire to be part of something larger, so they make it a mission to be involved with local sustainability initiatives within the communities they are in.

The eatery is a diner styled, with their orange and yellow accents throughout the establishment. They have a bar at which you can order a boozy beverage anytime you’d like(I won’t judge). They have some creative drinks and dishes on the menu. On the first day, I ordered their pancake flight, which usually gives you a choice of 3 pancakes. I also wanted to try the drunken French toast, so they have me the option of ordering 2 pancakes and half of the French toast. 

I chose the pineapple upside down and the peach cobbler pancakes, the drunken French toast and a side of bacon. My favorite pancake was the peach cobbler, both flavors complimented each other; I feel pineapples usually taste odd warm so I wasn’t a fan of that one. The drunken monkey French toast was AMAZING! Banana bread is used as the toast with a toffeed rum topped with a bruleed banana and whipped mascarpone – THE BUSINESS!!!


The second day, the staff recommended that I try their chai latte and breakfast burrito, which I was told was a tough one to finish. The burrito had egg, beans band cheese and was topped with green sauce and pico de gallo. Maybe because I’ve had better burritos, I felt like this one was missing something. But it was good nonetheless. 

I look forward to coming back again soon!


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