4 Places to Dine in Lower Manhattan, New York

I spent a few days last week at the corporate office in New York, and off course while I was there I ate at some of the city’s most delicious restaurants. It’s always refreshing being able to walk the streets, block-by-block, catch a subway, and go sight-seeing. I managed to spend an hour and a half on the subway, on a trip back from Macy’s where I met Lauren Berger (InternQueen). Side note: I worked with Lauren a couple years back while in college as one of her campus ambassadors. On my way back from the 6th annual InternQueen party, I spent an hour and a half trying to get back to my hotel. A trip that would have taken a New Yorker 20 minutes.

I was amazed by the wonderful people on the train. Some with whom I had small talk with, yes people are actually nice in New York. I also visited some of the loveliest places, and restaurants at the Chelsea Market and in Lower Manhattan.

By Chloe:

I flew in on Sunday and arrived just a little past lunch time, so I walked a couple blocks down from my hotel in SOHO. A friend of mine recommended I try this restaurant that serves sustainable vegan dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural form. I asked for a recommendation, and went with their Guacamole burger. The patty is made of black beans, quinoa and sweet potatoes, and was topped with corn salsa, onion, guacamole, chipotle aoili and tortilla strips. Sounds intense and I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it was very flavorful and delicious. My “Purple Rain” smoothie was okay, but the chocolate chip cookie was missing flavor.

Book Bell & Candle:

The team and I dined at this lovely restaurant one evening. Book Bell & Candle is a basement restaurant located in West Village. The restaurant serves locally sourced, organic, and sustainable meals on a seasonal basis; the produce is gathered from their aeroponic roof-top tower garden. Our dinner started with drinks and appetizers; where we were blessed with several of their Lobster tacos, with a tomatillo and avocado salsa. Oh, what a blessing they were! Other items on the menu were; the crispy fried oysters in a green chile buttermilk dressing, and their Chipottle beef Quesadillas. We enjoyed a lovely evening of work and conversation at the kitchen table of this restaurant.

Dominique Ansel Bakery:

A friend recommended I try this bakery, and I passed by there on my last morning in the city. The bakery is owned by one of the most praised chefs in the country, Dominique Ansel. Ansel is known for his creation of the Cronut, which is a croissant and doughnut combination that has gotten huge praise across the world. On my morning visit, I off course ordered the cronut, and I can say it is the best thing I have ever had. I love croissants and doughnuts, but this lovely treat is beyond words. I ordered their July Cronut, Apricot Toasted Almond, and just fell in love. I’m really at a loss for words because it was the best treat I have had in a long time.


I stumbled upon this lovely restaurant on my last walk in Lower Manhattan. After passing up some of what were probably some great restaurants in Little Italy, I stopped in Seamore’s because it looked refreshing-Like a seaside restaurant. Seamore’s is a sustainable seafood restaurant located in NoLita, serving seasonal dishes currated using items from local fisheries. I settled for their Crispy Fish tacos, with cabbage, guacamole and chile mayo, served on two flour tortillas. I paired the lovely tacos with a side of sweet potato fries and their refreshing Agua Del Mar cocktail.


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