Oxheart – Houston, TX

Oxheart Houston


1302 Nance St.
Houston, TX 77002

Th-M 5:30a-10p
Tu-We Closed

This post is long overdue. I’ve been quite busy for the past couple of weeks, that I haven’t had the time to dedicate to writing. But, I’m back with my recap of our dinner at Oxheart. A few weeks ago, I celebrated foodie friend The Pancake Princess ‘s birthday at Oxheart. If you’re not familiar with it, Oxheart if one of the most popular hidden restaurants in Houston, owned and operated by the one and only Chef Justin Yu and Karen Man. The restaurant is known for creatively crafting dishes made with  fresh ingredients, sourced within the state of Texas. Located in the city’s warehouse district Downtown, in an industrial, yet chic building giving locals and visitors a unique dining experience. The experience will cost you around $75, and will range depending on any additions made(drinks etc.).

What I Ate:
You have the option of choosing between a choice of two menus, with one being veggie friendly. I’ll be honest, as a first time visitor, I was praying their servings weren’t the size of a quarter. Luckily they were actually very well portioned servings of each dish, off course you’ll find yourself craving seconds. I enjoyed every bite of every dish. Everything from the locally made clay plateware, presentation, timing and portions.

Chilled “Gala” apple broth and roselle, with smoked, dried figs and “oyster” mushrooms. Tasted like Apple juice!
A lovely Rose to accompany our meal 
Mung bean crepe stuffed with corn and alliums, potato skins and miso, with pickled beets and burnt onion. A favorite of the night!
Intermission: Wheat bread w/ butter. Not part of the tasting
“Golden” Tilefish a scapecewith a basil-kombu broth, squash, salted fruits
Porridge of Texas grains, vadouvan, cauliflower, and “navel” oranges. Another fave, although I can’t imagine eating more than a small serving of this.
“Freedom Ranger” Chicken stuffed rice and collard greens, with a jus of chicken and dried shellfish. The chicken was delicious, but the shellfish jus on the greens was “too fishy” for me.
Creme Fraiche cremeux, strawberry glazed with mushroom and sorghum , pear. AAAHH, that’s all!


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