Shake Shack Shakes Things Up in Houston

Shake Shack fans rejoice, the east coast burger joint has found a new city to call home…Well, more like another home. Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in New York’s Madison Square, and soon opened its first location due to popular demand. More than a couple hotdogs, burgers, custards and shakes later; Shake Shack became one of the most popular burger joints. Now, starting Friday you can “shake yo tail feather” on down to Shake Shack!

Their newest spot is located at the Galleria Mall, between Cheesecake Factory and Peli Peli; you surely won’t miss it with their live green wall outside. I’ll be honest, I’d never had Shake Shack prior to this experience but I knew I was in for a treat! I invited my “Shack lovin’ co-worker to come to their “family & friends” preview on Wednesday.  Upon arriving, we were given the option of 3 different treats to taste.

I opted for their chicken sandwich with a side of cheese fries and a caramel shake. The chicken sandwich reminded me of another lovely chicken sandwich that we all like to love(Chic Fil A). Their chicken, which is cut and battered daily was crunchier with the addition ingredients on top making it quite tasty. I had recently eaten a Chic Fil A sandwich, so I immediately noticed the differences. Juicier, crunchier, and has lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo to make you drop to the floor. Their fries though on the other hand, I feel need work, very blah!

In conclusion, I’ll say that I’m still #TeamHopdoddy but this chicken will have me coming back for more. If their food doesn’t draw you in, you’ll be drawn to their story and hearing that they source 100% all natural meats, non-GMO, antibiotic & growth hormone free ingredients. Also, if you have a dog they’ll also be in for a treat! 


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