Simple Christmas Vanilla Bundt Cake

Also a year ago, a stranger told me this would be a challenging year for me. Now, I never paid it any mind, but as the year comes to a close, I always like to reflect on it. This year has been quite the challenging year, in all aspects of my life. For those who follow my blog, you’d notice I rarely discuss my personal life, that is because I like to keep it that way. And to keep things relevant to what you all care to read about. As I look at 2016(yes, I’m officially over the year too) I can’t help but be grateful for surviving the year. It was challenging, yes, but I made it out strong. The things I have gained this year are much greater than those that I have lost.


As I sit in Louisiana writing this on Christmas Eve, I decided to dedicate this Bundt Cake to new beginnings, fresh slate. This simple Vanilla Bundt Cake with vanilla frosting symbolizes a clean slate.   The start to a new year, where we leave all the negatives back and focus on what’s ahead. This is what  I plan on doing during my time off from working. I received the easiest Cake making mix in my DegustaBox for this month and I wanted to enjoy it during the holidays.


This Pillbury cake mix comes in their “Purely Simple” collection(should I say collection?), and allows you to pretty much get creative and personalize it as you’d like. Just like this new year. I kept mine simple, because I didn’t have that many items readily available to me. Added in some vanilla extract in both the frosting and the cake batter. Their boxes come with easy directions, no need for me to explain. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!

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