3 Days in Monterey, California

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed my Instagram stories off on some beautiful coast somewhere in the mountains. A few weeks ago, shortly before I was laid off from my job, my older sister and I took our mom to Monterey, California for her birthday. The trip was quick, but literally felt like we were there for a while. Mainly because we had our days packed with activities from sunrise to sunset. Every time I visit a new city, I’m reminded of how truly beautiful this country is. Experiencing a different country gives you a different viewpoint on life, but what does experiencing a different state in America do for you? Every state makes you feel as though you’ve traveled to another country, some might even help you get a feel of different cultures all in one…And that ladies and gentlemen represents the USA, and don’t ever forget that!

Day 1

Fisherman’s Wharf

On our first day, after getting situated in our room, we ventured down to The Fisherman’s Wharf for some much needed linner(what we call lunch that was eaten during dinner time). After walking around a little, we settled at Crab Louie’s because I was attracted by their music and the waiter seemed nice. I ordered Their fish of the day, which was Halibut served with yellow rice and fresh vegetables. The restaurant is situated off the water and we enjoyed our food over nice French music(from our younger years) and a nice view. We continued our evening around the area watching birds and seals do what they do best. 

Day 2

Point Lobos Reserve, Carmel By The Sea

The second day was spent at Point Lobos Reserve, where we enjoyed a nice hike with some great views of the water off the coast. The beauty of this reserve truly showcases how amazing nature is, and really leaves you feeling refreshed. After our long day tour, we ended the day in a cute little town called Carmel, taking pictures with the sheep at Mission Ranch, a local 18th century ranch that was rescued by Clint Eastwood and turned it into a breathtaking resort. The resort consists of a hotel, with a restaurant offering a great view of the sheep grazing in the meadow.

Day 3

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, and Dinner in Carmel By The Sea

Jam packed beautiful day, hands down the best experience ever. We drove around 45 minutes to an hour(longer because we made stops for pictures). We headed south to Big Sur, making stops along the way for pictures and selfies of what were the most beautiful views I have ever seen. We stopped at Pfeiffer Park and went in search of the amazing Mcway waterfall which is literally on the edge of the world(Okay, the US, still counts as the edge). After living life on the edge, we continued our hike on Ewoldsen Trail, continuing until we had found the water source(AKA the water fall). On our drive back, we made another stop at Pfeiffer Beach to check out the rock arch and off course the purple sand. What an amazing experience this was!

By the time we made it back, it was already dark out, so we made a stop at La bicyclette, a french-Italian farm-to-table restaurant in Carmel by the Sea. I ordered the rack of Lamb, atop this delicious Risotto with black olives and chunks of lamb that added so much life to this already great dish. I would give all the credit to the Risotto!


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