Houston Neighbordhood Dining Guide

Your online search brought you here, so I take it you’re looking for some places to eat while in Houston. You’re either here visiting, on a work trip, or like a lot of people you are here to celebrate Superbowl 51. Houston is quite a diverse city, offering a melting pot of cuisines representing our population. Please note, this is a small percentage of what Houston is all about. Frankly, it is tough to know the city in just a few short days. Don’t fret, my mission with this post is to get you to explore Houston, eating where the locals eat; after all the best way to learn a place is to dine with the locals. I’ve included my top favorite places by neighborhood, and also included some of my foodie friends’ suggestions.

My guesstimations tell me that a majority of you will either be staying, working, or playing in these neighborhoods. So while you’re here, I wanted to give you some suggestions for where to dine.

 Happy Eating!

Wine & Food Award Winner: Bobotie from Peli Peli

I’ve noticed a lot of traveling people(business travelers especially) choose to stay in the Galleria area. If you are one of those lucky individuals, there are so many dining options available to you.  From farm-to-table, Thai, South African fusion, Tex-Mex, and American; the options are almost endless.

Suggestions: Peli Peli(Afri-Fusion), Songkran(Thai), Dish Society(everything), Adair Kitchen(Super foods bowl), Anejo(Tex-Mex), Caracol(Churros & Taquitos), Barnaby’s(Burgers & Waffle fries), Sylvia’s Enchilada(Tex-Mex), Killen’s STQ(BBQ), H.S Green

Weekend Sunday Brunch at El Tiempo


Vibrant, diverse, upbeat, hipster-ish, modern are some words I could use to describe Montrose. And that representation is also shown with the food offerings. You’ll find anything from Mexican/Tex-Mex, French, American, Japanese, and so on.

Suggestions: Hugo’s(This is life), El Tiempo(Tex-Mex), Cuchara(Mexican/TexMex);Uchi(Japanese fusion), Pax-Americana(American), Cafe Azur(French), Torchy’s Tacos(Trailer Park taco),  Niko Niko’s(Greek), Indika(Indian), Snooze A.M(Brunch), Biskit Junkie(Brunch), Cafe Brasil(Brunch)

Tacos Al Carbon from Ninfa’s on Navigation


Although a majority of my time when hanging out on this side of town is spent at bars and clubs, I have had my share of food here. Midtown and downtown offer lots of time to play but you can also get some food while there. East Downtown is a historical area that has been changing and growing recently, so there are some options there as well.

Suggestions: Cyclone Anaya’s, Tacos-A-Gogo, Ninfa’s on Navigation(Tex-Mex), Brother’s Taco House, Breakfast Klub(Obviously brunch), The Grove(Gorgeous view), Weights & Measures

Tender Southern Fried Chicken from Harold’s Restaurant

Greater Heights

A beautiful historic area, with 18th century homes with modern flavors. Another popular area for young professionals, where you’ll find a great mix of food and fun. Looking for a mix of sight seeing and food, check-out 19th Street and White Oak.

Suggestions: Ginger & Fork(Chinese), Coltivare(Italian), Ruggles Green(Healthy), Harold’s Restaurant(Southern Creole), Urban Eats(Fried Green tomato BLT & Beignets), Luv Me Tenders(Fried Boudin)

Crunchy Chicken Sandwich from Local Foods

Upper Kirby

Just minutes away from the Galleria, Upper Kirby is a fast paced neighborhood housing many businesses and restaurants. You’ll likely run into more than one restaurant at a time while in this area, so be prepared.

Suggestions: Pondicheri(Indian), Local Foods, Queen Vic’s Pub(Indian-Irish fusion), Kiran’s ( Indian), Ruggles Black(french-American), Picos(Mexican)

Coppa Osteria

Museum District/Rice University/Med. Center

Beautiful, green, art-filled part of Houston, might almost make you feel like you’ve stepped away from the city. The Museum District is quite beautiful and easy to walk around, from farmer’s markets to beautiful walks with the dog down by Rice University, on down to the Medical Center( where no explanation is necessary).

Suggestions: Torchy’s Tacos, Hungry’s(brunch), Coppa Osteria, Pappasito’s(Tex-Mex), Pappadeaux’s(Seafood), Dak Bop(Korean Fried Kitchen), Lucille’s(Southern)

Bernie’s Burger Bus


Bellaire, not the same as the Fresh Prince, is a neighborhood located more on the Southwest side of Houston proper. If you’re brave you’ll explore a little west and head down to Himalayan Restaurant, Bijan Persian, or China town.

Suggestions: Bernie’s Burger Bus(burgers), Cafe Piquet(Cuban), Fadi’s(Mediterranean), Los Tios(Tex-mex)


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