A Weekend at Nu-Waters Co-Op

I’m finally growing enough motivation to update you guys on what’s been going on and the reason for my hiatus. Well, for starters I recently started a new job after having been without full-time employment for almost 6 months. It has for sure been some crazy couple of months and I couldn’t have done it without some outside motivation. Anyway, I’ve been [busier I should say] and haven’t had any motivation to write. After receiving some good advice from fellow foodies, and also being motivated by a conversation I had with the manager of NuWaters Co-Op last week, here I am.

My work involvements led me to visiting this lovely food share and having a conversation with Carmen, the manager. We spoke of the different changes happening in the Third Ward community, food deserts, educating people about certain foods, and also had a conversation about raising ourselves and our children to become good human beings.

 Our conversation was so moving, and as you know, that’s my favorite thing to do over great
food and drink. If you aren’t aware of this, a food desert is an area of a city that has no access to fresh fruits and vegetables, an area that lacks grocery stores or farmers markets. This all means that people in those parts don’t have access to some of the things that you and I might find easily within a short walk or a few miles. There are many food desserts across the country, and The Third Ward happens to be one of them. If you do omg! I want some! 😋 research or visiting around different parts of town, you’ll be able to see that first hand. I’m fortunate to have been able to work with different local farmers and organizations helping to provide these neighborhoods access to rich foods.

Nu-Waters Co-Op, with its members and volunteers, provides access to fresh fruits, vegetables and products to the community through their volunteer-operated farm. Their goal is to feed the community while also educating and changing misconceptions about food. The Co-Op is located in the historical Eldorado ballroom at the intersection of Elgin st. and Emancipation avenue. They’re open every day, but you might want to check the hours. While in the area, I made a stop at Crumbville, TX to grab some delicious treats for myself.

If you are looking for something to do with the family this weekend, head out to The Emancipation Park Grand Reopening celebration, and make a stop across the street at Nu-Waters and crab some food and drinks.

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