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It’s been a long time coming. I’d been wanting to try Kitchen 713 for a while now and they beat me to it. I was invited to a media tasting along with some local bloggers and media folks. We were invited to taste their new summer menu, so I was ecstatic! I’d heard different things about Kitchen 713, I’m sure you have as well; but I’d always wanted to make it there. It’s located on Washington Avenue, down the street from Max’s Wine Dive and Laurenzo’s.

Kitchen713 prides itself in honoring many different cultures, you can say Kitchen713 represents our local diversity. Chefs Coleman and Haywood celebrate these cultures by creating soul food dishes that incorporate some international flavors from; Thailand, Ethiopian and Mexico. If you take a look at their menu you’ll see some of the influences, and when you try each dish you’ll be blown away by how well cuisines came be combined beautifully. Below are the dishes that we had that evening, many were delicious but I’ll let you know what you MUST order.

Thai Beef Salad: An assortment of vegetables, topped with beef and a lime fish sauce vinaigrette. This was my favorite out of all, I can still remember the beautifully combined flavors.


Oxtail Grilled Cheese: Oxtail marmalade with smoked provolone(baby!). I’m still a newbie to oxtails(this was my second time having it), this was amazing and creative- perfectly cheesy!


Jalapeno Honey Butter Hoecakes: Smoked fried oysters, preserved lemon, salmon roe. This was one interesting & nicely plated dish! The oysters were very crusted that it made it hard to chew.


Hot Browns: Sourdough Bread topped with House smoked turkey breast, Sauce Bechamel, bacon and roasted Roma tomatoes. This one was surprising to me, I didn’t think I’d like(I don’t like turkey), but I loved it! third fave!


Watermelon Tomato Salad: Watermelon, Heirloom tomatoes, with a lemon vinaigrette topped with feta cheese and basil.


Shrimp & Grits: You’d think it speaks for itself, but this dish was different from the other Shrimp & Grits dishes I’ve attempted to eat. I’m normally not a fan of grits, but the crustacean reduction AKA the sauce bumped it up a notch! highly recommended if you like Shrimp & Grits!

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