Hibiscus Caipirinha Recipe


My birthday just past, but we’re still in the month of July so I’m inviting y’all to celebrate by making this lovely Caipirinha and with me. Ever since one of my college classmates introduced me to this Brazilian drink, I’ve been hooked. If you’ve never heard of it, a Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink which is made with Cachaca(a Brazilian distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice), sugar and Lime. Pretty simple recipe, so I decided to kick it up a notch by adding Bissap. If you read my previous post, you should be quite familiar with this name by now(if not, check it out here.)

This cocktail is refreshing and cooling, perfect for this Texas heat. Grab a friend or two, make this cocktail and go chill at the pool. Now that sounds perfect, cheers!


Hibiscus Caipirinha


1oz. Bissap(Hibiscus Juice)
1 lime
1 tablespoon of raw honey(can substitute sugar)
2 oz. Cachaca
lime slice for garnish

Appliances: Cocktail shaker, muddler, glass


1. Cut lime into thin slices and place it in cocktail shaker
2. Add honey and muddle to extract the lime juice and mix it with the honey
3. Fill shaker with ice, add cachaca and bissap
4. Cover with lid and shake for a few seconds(the same way your bartender does it :p)
5. Add ice chunks to glass, and pour drink in
6. Garnish with lime slice


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