Tomato, Egg and Feta Banana Bread Toast

Last month I received a wonderful package from H-E-B and Texas Pure Milling. The box contained 3 different flours, all for me to try in the kitchen. I spent a little while attempting some recipes, but what I really wanted to try was the bread flour. I had always heard great things about bread flour and what great consistency you can get from using the flour instead of all-purpose flour.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, well not a funk but I haven’t had the motivation to write. On top of work and all the extra things that I do, I’ve just been neglecting my little baby(I apologize). I’m dedicating this weekend to updating you all on all the fun things I’ve been working on in the kitchen and this is one of them. I’m listening to Brandy’s “Full Moon” & “Human” albums as I type…I’ve been listening to her lately, especially on my drives, I just love singing along to a great song in the car, it makes the drive shorter.

Now let’s get back to food. So, Texas Pure Milling flours are milled in a small town called Dawn, TX. The wheat used is grown by Texas farmers specifically to grow the local economy. The mill is farmer owned and has been around for over 30 years. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I shop at H-E-B a lot( Fun fact: My very first paying job was at HEB). While shopping, I made sure to check the prices for the flours(they’ll run you between $2.59-3.98, and come in 3lbs).


I started by making the bread. Just look up any bread recipe, mash 2-3 bananas and add 1 egg, a couple dashes of cinnamon and vanilla. Add 2 cups of flour and mix, add in sugar or honey(as desired), then the already prepped yeast. Mix all the ingredients well, it should be a thick paste. Then cover tightly and let rise for 1 hour and 30-40 minutes. Transfer to a greased baking dish and but it in the over at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the size of you baking dish, it should take about 30-40 minutes to bake.


Then, you’ll want to take the bread out of the oven and let it cool. Once it’s cooled down, remove it from the pan and slice as desired. It was way to much bread for little old me to eat, so I put them in plastic bags and in the freezer. It’s easier for me that way, I just grab a slice or 2 and pop them in the toasted and I’m ready to rock and roll. I did make my bread sweet, but the banana did most of the work.


Tomato, Egg and Feta Banana Bread Toast Recipe

Texas Pure Milling Banana Bread
2 eggs
1 tomato, sliced
Salt & Pepper
Feta Cheese
(And other desired toppings)

1. Put banana bread in toaster
2. In the meantime, get your egg ready and cooked as desired(pop the egg onto a lightly oiled pan, cover or flip if needed)
3. Once the toast & eggs are ready, top bread with tomato slices and eggs.
4. Sprinkle with a little salt & pepper, and feta cheese

This post was made in partnership with H-E-B and Texas Pure Milling, all opinions are my own. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to follow me on Instagram @Brunchandconversation


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