Pumpkin Spice Preserves Recipe

Fall has finally graced us with it’s presence, we’ve made it through the summer heat, this crazy hurricane season and now it’s time for the holidays(enter all the pumpkin recipes). The weather has finally cooled off, halloween is literally in a few days but I just want to cuddle up under a blanket drinking something warm and watching my fall shows on TV…Anybody else watching Stranger Things?

I recently got a book in the mail called Can It & Ferment It;this book inspired me to make the recipe below; I honestly wasn’t sure how well it would turn. I also normally don’t eat pumpkin like most people do, so this was a fun little cooking project for me.

Back when my family and I lived in west Africa,  I remember my mom making “confiture de fraises” strawberry preserves right at home in our kitchen. We would crowd around her and the pot ready for her to give us a little taste. Once it was all done, we couldn’t wait to eat it on baguettes with margarine…butter…That was hands down one of the best things to have for breakfast!

This recipe came out really well, and I can see myself eating it with other dishes like meats and desserts. If you aren’t already following my youtube channel, make sure you subscribe (here).


8 cups of finely diced pumpkin cubes
2 cups Sugar
1 Lemon, juiced
3 1/2 tbsp ground cinnamon
2 tps Ginger
3 1/2 tps Ground Nutmeg


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