Wow, can you believe it’s already been a year? Time seems to fly by these days. If you aren’t familiar, every year I create a holiday foodie gift-guide for the foodies out there. This can be anybody in your life who enjoys great food and drink. Apologies for getting this out so close to Christmas, but you’ve got about 2 weeks and can luckily get most of these items in store or expedited.

Some of the items below, I either own, read about this year or have come across them through e-mails that I receive for Brunch & Conversation. I’ve had a busy last few months, so I’ve made this years list short and sweet!

Stillhouse Limited Edition Spice Cherry Whiskey:  All flavors of Stillhouse including Spiced Cherry will be available for purchase at​ ​select​ ​retail stores in​ ​Texas and across the US this month.​ ​It​ ​will also be available for purchase online by clicking HERE. Look out for a holiday recipe coming soon featuring this whiskey.

Blason Louis Taste-Off: For the wine lover in your life. Get them a subscription to Blason Louis’ wines. Their wines are curated from France’s finest vineyards, and you get to try them through their monthly tasting service. Each month, you’ll receive a handpicked pairing of two wines for your own at-home tasting moment.

MyIcebox Food Subscription Box: Gift a Healthy homemade and chef-inspired meal from My IceBox. All orders must be made by Sunday each week for delivery on Wednesday. No chopping, no counting, no mess. All you have to do are the finishing touches. Watch my Thanksgiving tutorial featuring My Icebox.

Instant Pot: The gift that keeps on giving is basically how anyone would describe an instantpot. Every foodie or at homecook’s dream gift this season, the instant pot does the job of about 7 different kitchen appliances within one appliance. Pretty dope gift if you ask me, currently selling on Amazon here.

Ninja Professional Blender: Everyone needs a blender in their life, seriously! The Ninja professional blender can be used to create your morning smoothies, that detox drink you’ll be on come 2018, some bomb cocktails during the summer, and other recipes in the kitchen. It’s BPA-free, features Ninja Total Crushing technology and 6 stainless-steel blades to break down ice and other ingredients.

Pre-Seasoned Skillet: Honestly one of my favorite appliances in the kitchen! Took me a little while to learn how to clean one of these, but once I did it was on! You can make anything from steaks, seared salmon, to desserts like bread pudding.


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