A Conversation with Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee’s Barista

Sometime last year, I saw an instagram post from a foodie friend with the location tag “The Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee & Bakery,” I immediately got curious after seeing that tag because no other place other than Rwanda is known as The Land of A Thousand Hills. After browsing their instagram, I ended up finding out that there is a larger company based out of Atlanta(totally forgot to visit them when I was in ATL last year, maybe next time).

Land of a thousand hills coffee, rwanda

The Houston location is based out in Cypress, so while I was in the area for a meeting, I took it as an opportunity to learn more about the company and also try some of their coffees. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I do know that Rwandese coffee tend to taste good. The shop, although I felt would fit perfectly among the coffee shops within the Houston city limits, was simple but truly reminded you of their mission.  While I was there, I took the opportunity to chat with one of their barista, Ana, to learn more about the coffee shop and how it got started.

The founder of 1000 Hills Coffee started the company to help the citizens of Rwanda better sustain themselves after the genocide. The owner worked with the members of the villages by teaching them how to better grow and care for the coffee beans, and purchased them for the farmers at a higher price than any other market.

Land of a thousand hills coffee, rwanda

Y’all know I love community outreach and giving back, so one aspect that I loved about this company is their community involvement piece. Through their Do Good Initiative, the company is able to address some of the needs of each community. Each bean or bag has a story that it tells and helps the members for each community. You’ll also notice that they’ve begun carrying blends from other countries as well, which I also hope they support as part of their Do Good Initiative.

Land of a thousand hills coffee

I tasted the Vooba Vooba(which means “quickly” and I’m not sure why it was misspelled as the original spelling in “Vubavuba”), it is a Rwandan/Brazilian medium-roast Espresso blend that’s won them a 2017 Gold Bean Bronze. With the location being so far away from my side of town, I decided to take a bag home with me.  The Muraho Morning(which translates to “How are you doing or Hello), it is a medium-roast blend with a dose of citrus. I’m looking forward to trying this one at home, I’ll likely have to host my family over for brunch.

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