How To Use Aloe Vera At Home

I think it was 2 or so years ago when I discovered Aloe Vera; I was first introduced to it via my DegustaBox partnership. My box at the time contained Aloe Vera juice with pulp that you could actually chew; the juice was so refreshing and delicious that I became curious about what I was

I began reading about Aloe Vera and it’s many benefit for skin, hair and body. Then, I decided to purchase my own at Canino Produce, where a vendor told me how to peel it to get the gel out and basically make a juice from the inside. Upon getting home, I immediately tried it and make my first discovery…Aloe Vera is very bitter, like disgusting(hahaha). Anyway, for a few days following, I used the juice in my morning smoothies but needless to say – I never tried making the juice

Fast forward a year later, I purchased my first Aloe Vera plant on my visit to Nu-Waters Co-Op. I used my plant to make my Aloe Ice cubes which I use in the kitchen when I happen to burn myself while cooking. I also recently made a face scrub which is made with Aloe gel, sugar and lemon juice. This scrub will leave your skin feeling refreshed and also help in healing any cuts or burns.

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating blemishes, acne, minor cuts or wound, a burn or a rash. It also softens dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth.


Aloe Vera Ice Cubes & Aloe Vera Scrub





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