How I Detox with Snap Kitchen Meals

Snapkitchen recently launched their meal subscription plan which gives you the option to have all your meal prep needs done by their chef and dietitian. Their meal plans are designed to fit different dietary lifestyles like paleo, low carb, whole30, and high-protein like me.

There are different times during the year when I receive and attend lots of tastings, events, restaurant openings etc. All within a span of one or two weeks, back to back. Usually I begin to feel odd, and I’m also that weird person who feels weird eating out every single day(like what, who would ever say that?).I wanted to share my detox routine with you all, because obviously I want y’all to know that I’m not always eating out.

I’m no nutritionist, but I do believe the trick is in the balance. How I eat and drink at home is completely different from how I eat and drink when I’m out. It’s like I’m a totally different person…Hah. But really, finding a great balance with what you choose to eat is important. I’ve been brought up that way, so I try to always have balance in the types of foods I eat. Having digestive issues has also made me pay attention to what I eat, I almost(almost) always know when something will upset my stomach. At times from just the smell or even the look of a dish, I just know.

Anyway, my usual way of balancing those days of eating out everyday is spending time in and eating better nutritious foods. This past week I detoxed, actually I think I like re-balanced, my system using SnapKitchen’s new meal subscription plan. Honestly, this is also helpful for my always on-the-go schedule. Having chef prepared meals ready for me each morning day and night, makes my life so much easier.

The way it works:

  1. Online or via the Snapkitchen App
  2. Select desired meal plan
  3. Enter calorie goal
  4. Select number of days a week
  5. Choose your day parts (i.e. breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner etc.)
  6. Choose delivery method( delivery or pick-up)
  7. Choose a start date & pick-up time
  8. Add payment method & my promo code SNP-2482 for $20 off  

The great thing about this is that it is customizable, for example if I don’t feel like eating beef or chicken I can  replace it with another item on the list that fits my needs. You can also customize it all the way, if you already know what you want. Below are my most recommended meals that are available right now.

Sloppy Joe loaded Sweet Potato Wedges: The loaded sweet potato was hands down my favorite meal. Aside from it checking off my higher calories and protein on my dietary needs list, it was so delicious – I definitely plan on ordering this one again

Sweet Chili glazed Salmon: This was my second favorite that I would order again. Everything just mashed well together. And the addition of the lime for the fish made it even more perfect!

Crispy Salmon: The roasted carrots and zucchini made this meal for me. This salmon was almond crusted which to me was unnecessary – It could of used a slice of lemon or lime to to balance out the flavor. With a few tweaks I would re-order it!

Kombucha: I drink Kombucha mainly for its digestive system benefits. Some if I am detoxing( re-balancing) my system, I add kombucha to my list because of its probiotics benefits.

Fresh Fruit: Their cups of fresh fruit are a really good size, I mainly used them to make smoothies in the mornings before work.


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