How To Deal with Life’s Uncertainties  

Hey y’all, let’s talk life…again. Y’all seem to enjoy these posts so I’ll try my hardest to share my learnings and thoughts with you guys. I’ve literally had this post saved in my notes for a few months since my lay offs because I felt that there were some things that I needed to learn and be comfortable with first.

The title of this post sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly how life has been for me this year. It’s had a lot to do with letting go of plans and accepting what is. Letting go of what I think should be, and appreciating what is. For as long as I can remember, I have always had control of myself and the direction of my life – which has also caused me to be hard on myself.

As up-for-anything as I can be most times, I’m very much a planner…okay, maybe just a mental planner(I blame my big-picture mindset). All that work has been done by my mind, and you can say my heart took the passenger seat. But it’s quite interesting and humbling how life can restructure your world or your life if you have kind of allowed yourself to lead an unbalanced life.

One thing is for sure that we have the opportunity to quiet ourselves and listen to our inner inclinations(which always go unnoticed in this busy world of ours). I made a promise to myself to focus on rebuilding the desires I’ve always had, hidden in myself, and forming meaningful friendships and relationships in life. It’s been quite the adventure honestly, learning to let go of control and allowing unplanned wonders to lead me onto new paths – which have allowed me to grow so much as a person. As I prepare to celebrate another full year, I wanted to share a few of my learnings with any of you who might be having a similar experience. Cheers!

Let go of control
I entered a world of uncertain certainties because I’m putting effort into seeing where life takes me, without me having full control for once.  It’s tough, but amazing to question and then truly discover what you’re truly comfortable with. I’ve had lots of control on myself and my life for a very long time now, all of which have afforded me many benefits. But I do feel like the universe is teaching me to let go control of myself and just live day-by-day.
Accept What Is/Isn’t 
There might be a stage in your life that you had set for yourself, and you might have fallen so far off. Or perhaps, you’ve reached what you’ve been planning and working for only to realize it’s not as great as you once thought it would be. Begin by forgiving yourself and accepting that things aren’t always what they seem, then begin learning about what matters to you more.
Allow Self Discovery
Once you let go and begin to accept, you’ll be able to make new discoveries. It’s never too late to reconnect with yourself, it might be tough with other people because others’ actions are out of your control. But, what you can do is begin learning yourself again. We all grow in life, obviously, but we don’t all grow on the same level. Take some time to be alone, take yourself out on dates; ask questions without judgement and truly seek to find out why you have the beliefs that you do.
Get comfortable being uncomfortable 
I can’t tell you how many amazing connections I have made in one year through those awkward situations. There’s a saying that nothing grows in the comfort zone, and that resonates with me so much. When I think back on the times I did something that was out of my comfort, those have usually been the times that have made a great impact on me. Whether I learned something new, connected with someone or made an impact in some way.

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