Solo Travel

Traveling Solo & Shooting Your Shot

How letting go of my fears, opened me up to new experiences
Me, El Paso & Mexico pictured in May.

In most recent years, traveling solo has grown into a favorite past time for a lot of people. More and more people are choosing to stop waiting on their friends and to just hit the road, alone. For those of you who don’t know, I spent this past year on a plane or a car and living in hotels while traveling solo and shooting my shot in the southern region of the US on behalf of a liquor company. I’d always wondered what life would be like traveling for a living, never in a million years did I think it would happen. I think as humans, we let fear guide us but not always in a positive or life changing way.

This year has been quite an interesting year to say the least, I know I use the word “interesting” a whole lot- but that’s usually when I have more words than my mind can fully puzzle together into a clear word or description. Hah. When it all comes down to it, this was my year to let go of and also overcome some fears. As I lay here(yes, I’m writing this in bed as I take a break from a book I’m reading). I’ve had many difficult moments, some of which I was oblivious to until it was pointed out to me, and others which were so in my face that I had no option than to face them head-on . 

2019 had me face-to-face with fear at every turn. From traveling a region alone as a woman, visiting bars & nightclubs in brand new cities, engaging with strangers, being vulnerable and letting people into my world, to caring for someone other than myself, pulling through my most frightening medical experience ever, and conquering new heights and obstacles in my way. 

I will say though, that it all taught me to stand on my own even in places that I might not think I belong, there’s always someone just like me-I’ve learned that there are still good people on this earth, a drink will make you a friend anywhere you go. Remain open and true to yourself and it will create new bridges to different avenues.  Most importantly, your mindset will either hinder you from or help you experience great personal growth, so choose wisely.

Solo Travel
Boarding flight to Lubbock, TX in March.

Traveling Solo

I wholeheartedly believe travel is an amazing way to brighten one’s horizons and grow as a person; I also believe in order to do that you don’t necessarily have to book a trip to some far away land overseas. Find time to travel, I know travel can be costly and not everyone can afford it, but find time to travel even on the other side of town, to events or places you’d normally not go to. Be a tourist in your own town. This is how you learn and grow, this is how you open your mind and your eyes to life. I spent a year traveling solo with most of my time spent out at night…alone. Most people in the outside looking in would say I was living the life of their dreams, no lie I kinda was but there were things that most didn’t know. Although you saw me having a great time with people, and doing some really cool things- 100% of the cities I visited, I knew no one there. It was me exploring, out of my comfort zone and engaging strangers( some who would eventually become friends). I had moments where I felt lonely or uncomfortable, and instances that I had to politely wiggle my way out of(Yeah, you get hit on left & right), but overall some of the most amazing experiences due to putting myself out there.

*Disclaimer: Take all necessary precautions when traveling alone; drink lightly, make sure your phone is charged, if you take an uber/lyft pay attention to the route, if something looks sketchy steer clear.

In the Streets of New Orleans in June.

Shooting Your Shot, and Putting Yourself Out There

This one is funny…Because a lot of people who don’t know me well would say I’m a social butterfly. Reality is, I have moments when I’m a butterfly and moments when I just don’t care to be bothered- even while I’m surrounded by people. I also have always had, I’ll just call it a fear of crowds(not really it but, I get overwhelmed), this year I was forced to get out of that mindset as I visited crowded bars and or clubs alone. Shooting your shot, the modern version of taking chances, involved me letting go of the fear of rejection and reaching out to people and companies that I felt shared a vision of mine. Although I haven’t been writing or blogging this year, I made some really amazing partnerships and connections with great entrepreneurs and companies; none of which would have happened if I remained in my head or comfort zone. As Nora Roberts said, “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward you’re always in the same place.” That rings true, so I’m being more open and expressive with my desires which in turn will open me up to the opportunities I’m looking for out of life.

Getting past a fear obviously requires going through it, so I encourage you to face your fears in the upcoming year.

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  1. Febronie Anthony

    Go girl, you are strong and keep it up.

    1. Dalida

      Thank you mom! I will, every year is an opportunity to learn and grow 🙂

  2. Febronie Anthony

    You are a strong girl! Keep it up.

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